Sunday, June 8, 2014


We're still hanging around the Olympia area; the weather's been nice and we've now exhausted our 10 days of staying in the Capitol State Forest campgrounds. So tonight we're back at the Scatter Creek rest area (Northbound), because the State campground costs a pretty penny. Tomorrow we'll check in for a night at the campground, and then hopefully will meet up with the youngest scion of our family tree as he winds up his freshman year at Evergreen State College and we'll all head back down I-5 to Northern California to visit family and friends for a couple of weeks.

A note about the Washington State "Discover Pass" that is required for all campgrounds and state day use areas - you have to buy one ($10.00 for one day. $30.00 for a whole year) for EACH vehicle you have. So we had to buy one for the tow car, too. You have to buy one for an RV, a tow car, trailer, an ATV, and any vehicle you want to use on state owned lands. Just an FYI.