Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yep, No Way.

Well, it's taken us eleven months to say:
2 peeps in a Chinook? Full Time? No Way.

Our full-timing is over; we've rented a "home base" apartment, and are settling in (do you have any idea how much stuff one needs to outfit a "real" kitchen? The mind boggles.).  Since we'd shuffled off our mortal belongings before we left, we're now doubling up on many items (no cannibalizing the Chinook, since we want to be able to hop in the rig at a moment's notice, when adventure calls!). As soon as I acquire a colander and a pair of tongs, and the new Lynx Blocks arrive from amazon, we'll start planning our next trip on the road.  Northern New Mexico, here we come!